Pristine Research Journal Publications (PRJP) facilitates researchers worldwide to move on the theory and practice in various areas of Social Sciences like Economics, Commerce, Management, Education, Sociology etc. and also in different domains of Science & Technology. PRJP publishes online journals with a comprehensive access to the original research and worthy review.

PRJP is aimed to reveal the most up-to-date and exceptional developments in the field of various branches of knowledge. PRJP encourages and publishes creative, inventive, resourceful and original research papers/articles of practical and scholastic importance.

The visualization of PRJP is to offer a scholarly podium to researchers across the world to put out their exclusive, resourceful, practical, expert and original research work. PRJP looks for scholars, academicians, consultants, officials, entrepreneurs, specialists, business executives and practitioners who want to publish research work in assorted disciplines. PRJP is committed to promote researchers who are aspired to initiate original thoughts, problem solving models and disseminate the excellent empirical research findings to help scholarly world, industry and planners.

PRJP invites scholars, researchers, practitioners and academicians spread across the globe to submit original manuscript for possible publication in its journals. PRJP’s maximum stress is on the usefulness of the papers and articles it publishes. Submission of a paper or article denotes that it is an original and unpublished manuscript and is not submitted or presented earlier for publication anywhere.


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